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Youth therapy

What do teenagers actually need? It is a common question asked by frustrated parents who, if they had known, would surely provide any needed answer. Unfortunately, the answer is not that easy mostly because even teenagers themselves don’t know their true desires. Adolescence is a time of an intensive search. A young person wishes to find his own way through many significant values and among different circumstances and environments. Usually, a teenager may know some common views that are essentially opposite to each other; he is learning some values at home while his contemporaries propose something completely different. The media, so strong and important nowadays, expose the life from a different perspective than the school does. The Internet gives an access to contents never mentioned in books provided by authorities. Hormones and various emotions attract while reason and rules – forbid.

Common issues in youth therapy:

  • exploring self identity
  • establishing personal boundaries and privacy
  • building up a self – esteem
  • drugs overuse
  • eating disorders
  • criminality
  • aggression and violence
  • depression
  • emotional problems
  • shyness, apathy
  • social issues (ex. contemporaries)

These are surely only few issues which demands a specialists help. If there is anything worrying and disturbing in a life of a young person – please contact our specialists for a consultation.