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Couples therapy

Normally and naturally, people are in a constant changing process. Not only one is changing – there is also a change found in everything around and, of course, in his/her relations with others. The relationship according to one persons perspective as well as the relationship itself, is usually a difficult process but on the other hand – very attractive to work with. The very possibility to experience any change and personal growth is what actually brings us together in relationships in the first place.

The couples therapy is mainly a reflection on how two people build up their relationship, what they need from being with each other and what needs to be different in order to experience life in a full, conscious and satisfying way.

Most common reasons for beginning a couples therapy:

  • regular and unsolved conflicts
  • communication difficulties and lack of talking to each other
  • repressive emotions, recurring and difficult feelings, emotional tension
  • depressed mood and even depressive states of one person or both
  • impulsiveness, aggression, angriness
  • burnout feelings, lack of sense of being together, loneliness and isolation despite of being a couple
  • non satisfying intimate and sex life (in which case we recommend a meeting with our sexologists)
  • feeling of a routine, apathy, thoughts around breaking up and leaving the relationship addictions
  • eating and sleeping disorders
  • self criticism and being too judgmental to thyself or each other


This list may be incomplete. Surely, there may be more issues and problems in which psychological help is needed and relevant. We invite for a consulting meeting everyone, who feels that their relationship is not the way they wanted it to be as well as those who go through a relationship crisis and those who wish to find any inspiration in personal development.

There is a possibility to work with a couple of therapists (being in a personal relationship themselves) which enable both sides of a clients relationship to communicate their issues and experience them in a wider perspective.