Agnieszka Hermel

Location: Kozietulskiego Str. No 1 flat 2


I am a psychologist and analytical psychotherapist in the process of certification. I work in the field of both individual and group psychotherapy for adults, and I subject my work to constant supervision.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Warsaw. Currently, I am in the process of completing a four-year psychotherapeutic training at Instytut Analizy Grupowej “Rasztów” (Institute of Group Analysis “Rasztów”), accredited by Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne (Polish Psychological Association), a member of European Group Analytic Training Institutions Network (E.G.A.T.I.N.) and European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (E.F.P.P.). Constant deepening of knowledge and development of professional skills through participation in lectures, seminars and workshops is of high importance as a part of my practice.

I gained my psychotherapeutic work experience in Wolskie Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego (Center of Mental Health in Warsaw’s district Wola), initially in day psychiatric ward. Currently, I work in Poradnia Zdrowia Psychicznego Szpitala Wolskiego (mental health clinic in Wolski Hospital), both in individual contact and leading a long-term psychotherapeutic group in co-therapy. My experience includes working with clients both in the office (face-to-face), and online.

I have experience in psychotherapeutic work with people suffering from neurotic, personality and affective disorders; those, who experience low self-esteem, acute stress, difficulties in building satisfying relationships, feelings of loss, emptiness and abandonment.

I strongly believe that the more honest we are and the better we know ourselves, the better our chances are to lead a satisfying life. I understand analytical psychotherapy as a meeting and a process during which, thanks to a conversation, what is unconscious becomes conscious, and this way it can be subject to our reflection. Together, during psychotherapy sessions, we discuss client’s life and examine what is happening in our psychotherapeutic relationship. Psychoanalytical approach is based on the assumption that what happens in the contact between a client and a psychotherapist can be perceived as a “microcosm” where relationship patterns from client’s private life are recreated. Taking a look at what is happening in a therapeutic relationship allows to discover and take a close look at unconscious thoughts, emotions or beliefs that affect client’s life. This allows client to gain a more complete overview of their situation and expand their choice of behavior in a given situation. I try to accompany this process the best I can.